Episode 2 The Choice for Happiness (Subtitled ver.)


50m 00s
Broadcast on August 28, 2022 Available until August 28, 2023

Maki Aran's reformative directives are opposed by former mayor Hosaka Shigeo and other senior city authorities, who argue for reinstatement of the city council. Aran refuses to cave in, and instead goes out to listen directly to the voices of the residents along with Sachi. At a traditional shopping district due for redevelopment he meets its opposer Suzuhara, who insists that "a scenery once lost can never be recovered." Moved by these words, Aran orders Solon to develop alternative plans and decides to hold a residents' referendum to determine the new plan for redevelopment. Aran's honest and straightforward approach to city administration gradually wins the heart of Kiyoshi, but a mystery develops over Aran's true motives.

Program Outline