Episode 1 Birth of a Regime (Dubbed ver.)


50m 00s
Broadcast on August 21, 2022 Available until August 21, 2023

A dictator or a savior? The 17-year-old prime minister designated by an AI.
In the future year 202X, with Japan's economy in stagnation, experimental municipality Utopi-AI is inaugurated by Taira Kiyoshi by direction of Prime Minister Washida Tsuguaki. The city's "cabinet members" chosen by artificial intelligence (AI) unit Solon are all young enthusiasts, including "prime minister" Maki Aran, a 17-year-old high school student. Three months later, Sagawa Sachi, an admirer of Aran, relocates to Utopi-AI along with her family, and the experimental administration takes off. Aran immediately proposes to abolish the city council, and further vows to resign if and when his popular approval rate falls below 30%. The "teen regime" thus begins.

Program Outline