Samurai of the Sea: Protecting an Island's Future

Broadcasters' Eye

32m 15s
Broadcast on December 4, 2022 Available until December 4, 2023

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Matsushima Island lies on the Genkai-nada Sea and is part of Saga Prefecture. The island's main industry is fishing; local Ama divers fish for sea urchin, abalone and turban shells. But as sea temperatures rise, seaweed beds are dying, and the coastal sea life population is decreasing. Residents are struggling to make a living off of fishing alone. Yet the island boasts a high percentage of young residents who love the island and hope to spend their lives there. These young islanders have taken up the challenge of building a new economic future for their home. This program follows one such islander, Sou Hideaki, for three years, as he pioneers new industries and initiatives on the island, such as the construction of a glamping site.

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