"By combining this 'uncool' thing with something cool, I’m hoping to remove the stigma of stoma bags."

Why Did She Pose in a Bikini?: Challenges of an "Ostomate" Doctor

  • The story of a doctor who became Japan’s first ostomate model
  • Taking steps to raising awareness of the lives led by the hundreds of thousands of ostomates in Japan

Ostomates are people who, owing to illness or disability, need a bag attached to their abdomen to collect bodily waste. Currently, there are around 210,000 ostomates in Japan, but not many people know about them. Emma Otsuji Pickles is determined to change that. She has posed for photos in a swimsuit and has negotiated an agreement with a pouch maker to be their ostomate model. This program follows her efforts to give ostomates encouragement and create a better environment for them by becoming an open "cool" figure herself.

Program Outline