A Bug in the System: Artist Ohtake Shinro

49m 00s
Broadcast on March 12, 2023 Available until March 12, 2024

Artist Ohtake Shinro made his debut in the 1980s and has become a leading figure in the modern art world. His work has passionate supporters among Japanese and international luminaries, museum creators and young people. In November 2022, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo opened a retrospective exhibition of a living artist for the first time ever. Ohtake himself permitted cameras to film his process for the first time. On this occasion, we follow the creation of a new work for the exhibition. How does Ohtake create his art? An array of materials and techniques are used to shape the eccentric atmosphere of his works. We learn the hidden secrets of his creative process through interviews with Ohtake himself. He also talks about his youth and the detours he has taken on his artistic journey. Notable artists share their admiration for his creations in this art documentary, which delves deep into Ohtake's work.

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