Fall Colors in Oku-Nikko: Mt. Nyoho

Climbing Japan

28m 15s
Broadcast on October 12, 2022 Available until October 12, 2023

Autumn in Oku-Nikko. Join us on a climb to the summit of Mt. Nyoho (2,483m). Our guide is Abe Teruyuki, who also works at a local hotel. After setting off on the trail, we're immediately faced by 1,445 steps along the Tenku Kairo, or Heavenly Corridor! After that is a rocky scramble, and a shrine with links to a Japanese folk tale. Then it's onto a ridgeline with a lot of ups and downs. The path traces what's left after the collapse of an enormous mountain. Our trail takes in all kinds of terrain, and is a ten-hour return day trip through the beautiful fall landscapes of Oku-Nikko.

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