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Geiko SATSUKI, A Beauty Through the Seasons
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Broadcast on March 28, 2020
Available until March 28, 2021

Gion Kobu is the largest geisha district in Kyoto. Gion, with its history of about 400 years, has over 60 teahouses in a narrow alley of only 1 kilometer square. In the neighborhood, there are shops of various artisans supporting and sustaining the district.
Satsuki is an exceptional geisha; she has been the top seller for 7 consecutive years in Gion Kobu. She has emerged as a geisha of a new age. What is her secret that steals these customers' hearts? This program follows Satsuki throughout a year and introduces Omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, by showing traditional geisha games such as Konpirafunefune and Tosenkyo. In addition, the program features the skills of artisans and craftsmen creating hair ornaments, kimonos and three-stringed musical instruments for geishas, while inviting the audience to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons of Kyoto.