48m 45s
Animated Memories of Loved Ones
Letters from Hibakusha
48m 45s

Broadcast on August 31, 2019
Available until August 31, 2020

For over a decade, NHK has solicited the memoirs of atom bomb survivors in the form of letters describing their experiences. Of the more than 2,200 letters received, 3 were selected as the basis for the anime short films featured in this program. Created by teams of prominent artists, animators, and local university students in Hiroshima Prefecture, the short films present, with the new sensibilities of today's generation, recollections of the war and the catastrophic bomb explosions. Not limited to the horrors of the bombings themselves, they also include refreshing scenes of happy family moments, love, friendship, and other expressions of youth that are universal and eternal, thereby conveying the tragic magnitude of the lives and days that were lost.