The Confessions of William Perry - A Journey to Okinawa -

50m 00s
Broadcast on March 17, 2018 Available until May 15, 2023

William Perry served as US secretary of defense for 3 years, beginning in 1994. He granted NHK 20 hours of exclusive interviews, focused on the 1994 North Korean nuclear crisis and tensions surrounding American military bases in Okinawa Prefecture that occurred during his tenure. The unknown story of Perry's friendship and disagreements with former Okinawa governor Masahide Ota, the close linkage between the North Korean nuclear crisis and negotiations over the plan to close the Futenma Marine airbase, the distrust that plagued Japan-US relations... For the first time, Perry revealed his personal perspectives on these and other issues. In the summer of 2017, Perry made a return trip to Okinawa. At a time of renewed crisis over North Korean nuclear missiles, how does the former secretary assess Japanese and American options?

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