What's happening in Myanmar?
Civilian footage offers clues

Myanmar Coup: Digital Resistance

  • NHK teamed up with experts to analyze videos and photos of crackdown on anti-coup protesters
  • The data offers clue in death of a teenage protester
  • Does the citizens’ "digital resistance" stand a chance?
  • Award winning - The Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association Award 2021

Since seizing power in February, Myanmar’s military has resorted to violence to stamp out protests and many people are risking their lives to document the military's brutal crackdown. Videos and photos posted online by civilians have exposed to the world the repression being carried out and have become a force in the "digital resistance" to the military. People from Myanmar living overseas are examining the images for evidence they can use to refute the military's attempts to justify its rule. NHK has teamed up with Amnesty International and experts to investigate the death of a 19-year-old woman who fell victim to a bullet during a protest. NHK's investigative documentary on people's on- and offline battle to take back their country.

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