Episode 21: The Koka Ninja - Their Light and Shadow


15m 00s
Broadcast on July 20, 2022 Available until July 20, 2023

Along with Iga, the Koka region is synonymous with ninja. The Koka Ninja are often depicted in anime and movies as the arch rivals of the Iga Ninja or as villains. But what were they really like? In this episode, we explore the Koka region with Professor Yuji Yamada of Mie University, learning about the turbulent history of the Koka Ninja, from their stunning success at the battle of "Magari-no-Jin" to the disaster that culminated in the "Koka Yure." Their democratic practices and deep bonds to each other as well as their homeland reveal a rather different side, and bring us ever closer to the ninja truth.

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