Analogue Nostalgia: Cassette Tapes

15 Minutes

15m 00s
Broadcast on February 9, 2022 Available until February 9, 2025

Analogue items once considered obsolete are being embraced by young people as new finds and making a comeback. Using a drama format, we examine the appeal and history of these items from the perspective of 3 generations: a person who experienced its original popularity, a 30-something who vaguely remembers them, and a 20-something to whom they are a new discovery.

The story takes place in a quaint coffee shop tucked away on a small side street. Its owner, Harry, has taken over the business from his grandfather. One day, Harry comes across a cassette tape in the back room. He shows it to Ei, a university student studying Japanese culture, and Greg, a café regular. Each from a different generation, they discuss their memories and thoughts on cassette tapes. What new values will they uncover in nostalgic analogue items?

Program Outline