Through the Kitchen Window: Iga - Creating New Out of Old

15 Minutes

15m 00s
Broadcast on February 3, 2021 Available until June 16, 2022

Deep in the countryside is the peaceful area of Maru-bashira in Iga in southern-central Japan. This tiny village of only about 650 people has long been known for a type of pottery called Iga ware. Even today, several potteries continue this craft. Fukumori Michiho is one of them carrying on the tradition. For over 400 years, her family's pottery has been firing its kilns. Michiho pours her heart and soul into making earthenware pots called "donabe." Her hope is that modern generations will come to appreciate this time-honored cookware. Creating her very own "donabe" recipes, she wants to see these traditional pots once again become a familiar sight in kitchens across Japan.

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