Starting Over: Hotels Old and New Part 1

15 Minutes

15m 00s
Broadcast on October 28, 2020 Available until October 28, 2021

The coronavirus has changed everything. How can we overcome this crisis? How can we restore our normal lifestyles? In Japan, Tokyo had the largest number of coronavirus infections. In this series, we look inside 3 places in this megacity. Hotels, where many people stay. Schools, where young people gather. And airports, major transportation hubs. We'll bring you insight on how the people in these places are trying to recover.

The Hotel Okura Tokyo is one of Japan's leading hotels. In anticipation of demand for the Olympics, the hotel was reopened last September after 5 years of renovation. Due to COVID-19 situation, some of the hotel's facilities, including restaurants and bars, have been closed with weddings and banquets being canceled. It will likely take some time to regain its long-established status as a hotel. Meanwhile, the 17-story, 240-room Sequence Miyashita Park, built in Shibuya, was scheduled to open on June 11. A sense of urgency about the second wave has left it unable to set an opening date. We focus on these old and new hotels in Tokyo.

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