A pianist's journey to trace the soul of Chopin

Poet of the Piano Fuzjko Hemming: On a Journey to Chopin's Mallorca

  • Outstanding pianist well-known for her musicianship on Chopin
  • Her compelling life story that made the interpretaion strikingly unique and outstanding

Over 90 years old, Fuzjko Hemming still takes to the world's stages as a "pianist of the soul." But her life has not been without obstacles, such as severe hearing loss and a period of statelessness. Her favorite composer, "poet of the piano" Chopin was also beset by obstacles. Taking a winter sojourn to the Spanish island of Mallorca for his health, he wrote several masterpieces despite being told by doctors that he would die there. We follow Fuzjko as she traces Chopin's precious time in Mallorca.

Program Outline