Declassified records and new evidence explores possible behind the scenes manipulation

Oswald and JFK UNSOLVED CASES Part 1: The Pawn

  • An American tragedy that began in Japan
  • A depiction of Lee Harvey Oswald’s youth leading up to the assassination of John F. Kennedy

The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy is still shrouded in mystery. With the help of top experts, NHK takes a new look at the incident through reenactments and fresh theories on the case. Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who killed JFK, was once a US Marine stationed in Atsugi, Japan who later defected to the Soviet Union. While his own upbringing played a role in his decisions, there is also a possibility that a certain organization was manipulating him behind the scenes. The testimony of Oswald's wife, Marina, also reveals a failed assassination attempt by Oswald in the months leading up to Kennedy's death. We follow the little-known footprints left by this infamous assassin.

Program Outline