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The United Red Army: A Troubled Legacy
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Broadcast on September 28, 2019
Available until September 28, 2020

In the late 60's and early 70's, anti-establishment political movements led by young people spread throughout the world, and Japan likewise entered an era of intense political activity. From the caldron of this activism, one group in particular -- the United Red Army -- emerged, calling for armed struggle to overthrow the government and establish an idealized society. However, the group increasingly lost sight of its goals, ultimately killing a dozen of its own members in lynching incidents and taking a common citizen hostage during an armed standoff with the police. 47 years after these incidents took place, surviving members of the group were interviewed. While aiming for an ideal society, these activists made profound mistakes that took the lives of numerous people. As their troubled journey continues, they wrestle with the implications of the actions they took.