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Houses for Peace: Exploring the Legacy of Floyd Schmoe
49m 30s

Broadcast on August 11, 2018
Available until August 31, 2021

More than 70 years ago, an American named Floyd Schmoe arrived in the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima on a mission of peace. Over 5 years, Schmoe, a Quaker and lifelong pacifist, led a diverse group of volunteers from the US and Japan in a project to build houses. In all, "Houses for Hiroshima" created 21 homes for atomic bomb survivors and their families. New information about Schmoe's efforts came to light in Hiroshima in 2018. Through historical documents and interviews with people who knew and worked with Schmoe, we trace the legacy of a grassroots peace builder.

*The program originally aired in August 2018.