"The Rumor About Mr. Aoyama" by Kodama

Reading Japan

15m 00s
Broadcast on September 18, 2023 Available until September 18, 2026

"The Rumor About Mr. Aoyama" is a heartwarming essay about the author's junior high school art teacher. Mr. Aoyama cut a rather unfortunate figure, but for some reason he was popular with his students. A certain rumor about Mr. Aoyama was circulated with great authority, and it only served to enhance his image as a teacher. Kodama, the author, has worked as a teacher. Her many lyrical essays are both poignant and incisively humorous. Her writings about the family and neighborhood where she grew up and her life experiences resonate with memories that everyone shares. Get a taste of that soulful feeling with this piece about her recollections from junior high school.

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