Explore the Tokyo National Museum

50m 00s
Broadcast on January 8, 2023 Available until January 8, 2026

The Tokyo National Museum is home to a collection of some 120,000 objects of beauty and interest, mainly Japanese art and craft pieces along with work from the Asian mainland and historical artifacts. The museum houses 89 items deemed by the Japanese government to be of especially high value and designated as national treasures. Paying a visit to this historic museum that is celebrating its 150th anniversary are Andy and Shaula, hosts of NHK WORLD-JAPAN's popular program DESIGN TALKS plus. They marvel at the majestic building, visit an exhibit that offers insights into 30,000 years of creativity in Japan, and revel in the first ever exhibit of every national treasure in the museum's possession — an experience that will surely make art aficionados across the world jealous. The two also get a glimpse of the future of museums, experiencing high-definition imagery, 3D computer graphics, and other cutting-edge digital technology. Come join us on this 50-minute adventure exploring the Tokyo National Museum, something not to be missed by anyone visiting the metropolis.

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