Drama: Our Rainy Days

50m 00s
Broadcast on November 13, 2021 Available until November 13, 2022

A heartwarming drama that captures a day spent dealing with menstruation and PMS. Hikari is an aspiring photographer who hopes to capture inner beauty with her camera. But on the crucial day of her first magazine shoot, she feels miserable as the rain and low air pressure aggravate her PMS symptoms. In the same boat is the model, Aoi, who will be doing a swimsuit shoot for the cover page. The sudden onset of her period mid-shoot unleashes chaos as the crew scrambles to get the perfect shot. Underlying the confusion is the struggle to speak up and the pressure to keep quiet. Periods can sometimes be trouble free, while at other times, even standing up is hard. A team of women have woven their experiences into this intimate story, in the hope of making a contribution to social change.

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