Time to Shine: Vietnamese Technical Interns in Hokkaido

28m 00s
Broadcast on April 2, 2021 Available until April 2, 2024

There are currently more than 1.65 million foreign laborers working in Japan. 400,000 of them are from Vietnam, and close to half that number are technical interns, who have come to learn about Japanese technology. There are currently 10,000 technical interns in Hokkaido Prefecture, and more than half of them are Vietnamese. They are working to acquire many different types of skills. Dung, who has loved cars since he was little, works at a car supplies store in Kitami City in northeastern Hokkaido since 2017. He wants to learn about Japan's high level of vehicle maintenance technology and processes to help decrease the number of traffic accidents back home in Vietnam. Thao, who works in the neighboring town of Bihoro's agricultural co-op, came to Japan in 2017 as she was interested in learning about Japanese agricultural products and food safety. While she enjoys dormitory life with the other technical interns, her parents, who had been worried about her, began supporting her as they saw her working and studying hard. Thao will enter the graduate school of Kitami Institute of Technology in April 2021, hoping to deepen her knowledge acquired through growing and sorting vegetables. The program shows the daily lives of the Vietnamese technical interns as well as their expectations while working in Japan and how deeply they feel about their homeland Vietnam through interviews with them, vividly depicting the days of youths in the harsh nature of Hokkaido.

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