49m 00s
imagine-nation SP in Jakarta
49m 00s

Broadcast on February 3, 2019
Available until February 3, 2020

This episode of "imagine-nation special" features the current youths of Jakarta, Indonesia. This year, Japan and Indonesia are celebrating 60 years of diplomatic relations. In Indonesia, Japanese language education has a history of over 100 years. Furthermore, with the broadcast of anime beginning in 1962 following the normalization of diplomatic relations and the publishing of manga since 1990, the interest in Japanese culture is very high. Today, some 900,000 people are learning Japanese in Indonesia. J-pop centered around JKT48, a J-pop inspired idol group that was born in Jakarta in 2011, is especially popular among the youths. The youths are not only absorbing elements of Japanese culture through anime and manga but are also exploring various other entertainment including Japanese music and theatricals.
On this 49-minute imagine-nation special, our MC Nicholas Pettas will visit Jakarta in person to report on the youths of Indonesia at the many Japan-related events celebrating the 60 years of Japan-Indonesia diplomatic relations!