The tale of men once brushed aside by society making their mark on the world with paint

Painting with Soul

  • Restoring a historic building that connects Japan and Lithuania
  • A gesture of gratitude and respect to Chiune Sugihara, the diplomat who saved thousands during World War II
  • Awards winning - U.S. International Film & Video Festival and more

The "To-Kon Painters" add color to the lives of those who are short on cash. The volunteers will travel anywhere for a good cause, painting buildings and playground equipment free of charge. Most of the members once dropped out of the society, such as former outlaw bikers or high school dropouts. This program follows them to Lithuania, where they repainted the memorial hall for Chiune Sugihara. Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat who helped 6,000 Jews flee the Holocaust by issuing them transit visas. The painters overcame climatic and linguistic differences to get the job done.

Program Outline