How Small Organizations Will Rule the World - Kyocera & Panasonic -

The New "Made in Japan"

50m 00s
Broadcast on August 24, 2013 Available until September 17, 2023

Kazuo Inamori, the founder and chairman emeritus of Kyocera, is a world-renowned executive. Kyocera began modestly as a small factory. It grew to become a global company with annual sales of around ten billion dollars. It never ever dipped into the red. The secret to its success is Amoeba Management, Inamori's idea to divide the company into small, financially independent units. Through an in-depth interview with Inamori, this program delves into the essential philosophy of Amoeba Management. Meanwhile, Panasonic is taking the philosophy of its founder, Konosuke Matsushita, one step further in an attempt to launch a brand new business model that truly focuses on customers' needs.

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