#22 An Unexpected Task

Activate Your Japanese!

15m 00s
Broadcast on March 28, 2022 Available until February 28, 2027

Drama "Xuan Tackles Japan!"
It is the day of the summer festival, and they find out that the MC for the karaoke contest is unable to come. Tadokoro asks Xuan to stand in, along with Sasaki. The man who was supposed to be the MC explains what they should do and in what order over the phone, but Sasaki is left confused. Xuan tries to clarify his explanation but is unsuccessful. Yansu appears and gives her advice.
How can she make it easier to understand what they should be doing?
"Onomatopoeia" -Share Feelings- Texture of Food 2
"Welcome to My Japan!" focuses on the life of NAGATA Marie from the Philippines, who runs a driver's school in Shizuoka Prefecture!

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