#21 I Can Use That!

Activate Your Japanese!

15m 00s
Broadcast on March 28, 2022 Available until February 28, 2027

Drama "Xuan Tackles Japan!"
Three days before the summer festival, Xuan is at the shrine grounds preparing the stage with Danny, Monica, Aoi and other locals. After Tadokoro leaves them with convoluted instructions, everyone is confused about how the chairs and tables should be arranged. Xuan tries to find Tadokoro, but Yansu reminds her that she should be able to explain. Xuan comes round to the idea of explaining the layout to everyone herself. But the information is complicated. How can she explain it in an easy-to-understand manner?
"Onomatopoeia" -Share Feelings- Texture of Food 1
"Welcome to My Japan!" focuses on the life of Romain LEBRUN from Belgium, who works as a salt master at a salt farm in Ishikawa Prefecture!

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