#16 When Changing the Subject

Activate Your Japanese!

15m 00s
Broadcast on March 21, 2022 Available until February 28, 2027

Drama "Xuan Tackles Japan!"
Xuan struggles with her new duties at the hotel's Japanese restaurant. Maybe because of the stress, she feels a little dizzy at work. Ota is worried about her and asks if she is okay, but Xuan's thoughts wander off. Xuan is more worried about whether or not Rei's bento menu has been chosen for the autumn campaign. As a result, she startles Ota by abruptly bringing up the subject during their conversation. What could she have done to avoid surprising Ota?
"Onomatopoeia" -Share Feelings- Papatto
"Welcome to My Japan!" focuses on the life of Nalin Dananjaya RATNAYAKA from Sri Lanka, who works as a mechanic at a car dealership in Chiba Prefecture!

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