#13 Putting Yourself in the Guest's Shoes

Activate Your Japanese!

15m 00s
Broadcast on March 21, 2022 Available until February 28, 2027

Drama "Xuan Tackles Japan!"
Xuan's latest worry is Danny, her "kohai" junior colleague. Sumire rebukes Danny over his attitude toward a guest, but he thinks it is simply because of her dislike for him. Danny fails to understand when Sumire tells him to put himself in the guest's shoes. Xuan wants to explain and struggles to get Danny to understand. How can she explain what Sumire meant?
"Onomatopoeia" -Share Feelings- Jiintosuru
"Welcome to My Japan!" focuses on the life of Geng Yunting from China, who works at a machine parts manufacturer in Gifu Prefecture!

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