#10 Speaking Simply Is Thoughtful

Activate Your Japanese!

15m 00s
Broadcast on March 14, 2022 Available until February 28, 2027

Drama "Xuan Tackles Japan!"
Xuan's days as a rookie at the hotel are no more. One morning, a new member joins the crew. Now she has a "kohai" junior called Danny, from Indonesia. It turns out that Danny cannot understand complicated Japanese phrases, and he fails to understand Sumire's instructions. As his "senpai" senior colleague, Xuan tries to explain what Sumire meant, but it is a struggle.
"Onomatopoeia" -Share Feelings- Bottosuru
"Welcome to My Japan!" features Nguyen Manh Duong from Vietnam, who works at a company that conducts steel reinforcement work in Ibaraki Prefecture!

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