#16 Tsunami Prediction

BOSAI: Science that Can Save Your Life

15m 00s
Broadcast on March 12, 2022 Available until March 4, 2024

The Great East Japan Earthquake and the massive tsunami that followed caused unprecedented damage along the coast of the Tohoku region with waves over 16 meters high. Why was the initial tsunami warning inaccurate? Errors are thought to have occurred as a result of tremors that exceeded what scientists had anticipated. Professor Shunichi Koshimura of Tohoku University is developing a completely new tsunami prediction system after realizing the limits of the current system. The key is to make predictions based on data gathered by observing real-time movements of the earth's crust. This new system is to be applied to the mega earthquake projected to hit Japan in the near future. Find out the latest in tsunami prediction technology that will lead to saving human lives.

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