#37 Suga Shikao


25m 00s
Broadcast on February 20, 2023 Available until April 27, 2023

This episode features Suga Shikao, who recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his debut. He has also released his latest album "Innocent" this month.

On the show, he will be performing tracks from his latest album as well as his hit single "Progress" (The theme song for NHK's show "The Professionals"). This song continues to be a source of inspiration for Suga, and he'll be opening up about its backstory. Suga also shares his technique for writing lyrics, which makes full use of the Japanese language's unique properties, and his relationship with the prolific writer Murakami Haruki.

Don't miss this chance to take a deep dive into the world of Suga Shikao!

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