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Broadcast on June 20, 2022 Available until December 12, 2022

Japan is a powerhouse for girl groups. This episode casts a spotlight on two very different groups that are creating a buzz around the world: ATARASHII GAKKO! and NEMOPHILA. Find out what makes them appeal to international fans and delve into their novel styles of expression.

ATARASHII GAKKO! is a four-unit dance and vocal unit formed in 2015. Last year, they made their worldwide debut on 88rising, a platform that promotes Asian culture to the world. They represented Japan at a festival in LA and quickly gained a large fan base after electrifying an audience of 25,000 people. Their latest album was produced by Money Mark, who also worked with the Beastie Boys. Fans can't get enough of their school uniform-and-armband style, along with their expressive choreography and out-of-the-box performances.

NEMOPHILA is a five-piece heavy metal band formed in 2019. They are known for their intense bass metal sound, fierce death growls and incredible guitar skills. Fans are enthralled with how their sound contrasts with their feminine look. Described as “a gentle and cute band that belts out sounds heavier than hell,” their one-of-a-kind presence has become the talk of the town. Last year, they signed with a UK label and made their world debut. This year, they are scheduled to perform at the Aftershock Festival, one of the largest outdoor festivals in the United States. Keep an eye out as they continue to captivate the world.

- Promising girl groups rising to international fame -
What these two groups have in common is a clever video strategy that makes full use of the Internet and social media. ATARASHII GAKKO! posts videos on TikTok every day. They have over 500 videos on their page, and some are of them just making silly faces or funny, quirky content. They don't just belt out brilliant performances, but their playful nature makes them relatable for fans. In NEMOPHILA’s videos, cover performances take center stage. They have done great covers of legendary groups like X JAPAN and KISS as well as Gen Z superstar Ado and even NiziU. As their concept suggests, the band is characterized by both hellish metal sounds and a cute and gentle vibe. In the studio talk session, hosts Murakami Shingo and Horan Chiaki get to know the group members. Don't miss performances of their signature and latest songs!

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