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#19 Sexy Zone
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Broadcast on February 22, 2021
Available until April 29, 2021

Meet the tight-knit five-member idol group celebrating their 10th anniversary! Idol group Sexy Zone will be making their first appearance on the show. They debuted with a bang with their chart-topping single in November 2011. Then, the average age of the members was just 14.4 years and they went on to break many records for their young age. Now, in the 10th year since their debut, their average age is just 23.6 years. In the 10 years of their musical career, they faced many struggles and confusions, with members leaving or going on hiatus, leading to several major changes. When international fans were asked about the appeal of Sexy Zone, they all answered in unison that they were charmed by how the 5 members overcame difficulties and grew as individuals. They share with host and fellow Johnny's member Murakami Shingo the struggles they overcome these past 10 years and how they strengthened their bonds. The group will perform "Sexy Zone," their debut single, "RUN," a single released last year about their bond, and "RIGHT NEXT TO YOU," a new English song with dynamic dance moves. The performance, after the talk session, moved Murakami Shingo to tears. See for yourself how the members have grown!