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#5 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
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Broadcast on August 19, 2019
Available until October 30, 2019

SONGS OF TOKYO is a music program that began in 2017 as a way to spread Japanese music and culture around the world as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics grow near. The show started airing regularly this past April, and for our 5th broadcast, we welcome Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Since making her major debut in 2011, the pop icon has completed 4 world tours and continues to be the icon of Tokyo's kawaii-culture. This time, Kyary will be sharing her kabuki collaboration for the first time on TV! The best parts of Japan's traditional performance art form combine with Kyary's unique pop music to create something brand new. The 9-minute long special medley features Kyary in authentic kabuki wear performing hit songs like "Ninja Re Bang Bang" and "Oto no Kuni," all with the flair of a real kabuki show! You'll understand how Kyary's international fans were utterly blown away by the glamorous mix of cutting-edge pop music and traditional Japanese performance art. During the studio interview, host Shingo Murakami talks to Kyary about her neverending search for originality and her incredible self-producing skills. She also unveils her brand-new track, "KIMIGA IINE KURETARA," so mark your calendars for this epic episode of SONGS OF TOKYO!