A Big Change for Small Manufacturers


28m 00s
Broadcast on July 2, 2022 Available until January 2, 2023

As Japan's domestic market evolves, many small and medium-sized manufacturers are finding less orders coming in from the companies they usually rely on for sales. This episode shows how some of these businesses are shifting away from the standard business-to-business model and towards creating their own products to sell directly to consumers.

[In Focus: Labor Shortage a Risk to Japan Tourism Recovery]
Travelers are on the move again in Japan, much to the relief of the local tourism industry. But there is a risk of a worker shortage as businesses ramp up. We visit some popular destinations to see how they are handling the influx.

[Global Trends: Asian Startups Add Sustainability to Pet Food]
Pet ownership is said to have increased significantly worldwide during the pandemic, stoking demand for related products. Some pet food makers in Southeast Asia are using insects as an ingredient in their products to promote sustainability.

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