Protecting Vital Infrastructure


28m 00s
Broadcast on May 14, 2022 Available until November 14, 2022

Maintaining and protecting vital pieces of infrastructure is a key issue for many governments around the world. This episode shows how Japanese companies are using innovative technologies to help keep the country's towns and cities running safely and smoothly.

[In Focus: Aggressive Fed Hike Sets Off Alarms for World Economy]
Sharp rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve have sent shockwaves through the global economy. But the risks going forward could be greater than some might expect. We take a look at the fine line the Fed is walking and why the bank might stray from it.

[Global Trends: No Substitute for Jackfruit]
A massive tropical produce called jackfruit is getting another look for its potential as a meat substitute. We see how it's being used as the key ingredient for growing business opportunities.

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