Solar Services on the Rise


28m 00s
Broadcast on February 5, 2022 Available until August 5, 2022

[On-Site Report]
As more companies and consumers turn towards solar power, new businesses are starting to emerge to support this expanding market. This episode features a Japanese company that has created a robot designed specifically for cleaning solar panels and another business that is using satellite data and AI to choose the best locations for panel placement.

[In Depth: China's "Zero-Covid" Policy Risks Economic Contagion]
The Beijing Olympics is putting the spotlight on China's measures to contain the coronavirus. The country has been living under a strict zero-COVID policy. But the highly contagious Omicron variant has some questioning whether the economic costs are sustainable.

[Global Trends: Indonesia's EV Push Carries Carbon Cost]
Indonesia is eyeing a future as a hub for the electric vehicle industry. It wants to make use of the country's vast supply of nickel to help build batteries. But the plan is drawing concern from a surprising source: environmentalists. We find out why.

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