Eruptive Technology


28m 00s
Broadcast on January 15, 2022 Available until July 15, 2022

[On-Site Report]
Currently, there are 111 active volcanoes in Japan. While eruptions and ash plumes are often a cause of concern, some companies are finding unique ways to put fallen ash to good use. This episode features one company that is using volcanic ash to create cooking plates that offer remarkable heat retention properties and another that is using the ash in its water purification technology.

[In Depth: RCEP Set to Reshape Trade in Asia-Pacific]
A massive trade pact in Asia-Pacific took effect this month. RCEP is the first multilateral trade agreement to include China. We look at how the deal could reshape economies in the region, and expand Beijing's influence.

[Global Trends: India's Clean Solution to Rural Shortages]
As the third-biggest emitter of carbon, India is pivotal in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. But many of its rural areas still struggle to secure a stable supply of power. One company is tackling both problems by producing clean energy closer to home.

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