Retro Repair


28m 00s
Broadcast on December 11, 2021 Available until June 11, 2022

[On-Site Report]
This episode features an experienced engineer who has created a repair shop that specializes in fixing appliances or electronics so old that not even their manufacturers will work on them. Realizing that many people would still like to use their older items, he set out to provide a place to rescue and restore them.

[In Depth: Shift to Renewables Triggers "Greenflation" Risk]
Major efforts are underway around the world to switch to renewable energy. But there have been some unwanted side effects. One is sudden rises in electricity bills, contributing to what's known as "greenflation." We look at the real-world costs of going green.

[Global Trends: Amsterdam Eatery Serves Up "Circular Economy"]
One restaurant in Amsterdam is helping the city achieve its goal of building a "circular economy" that leaves no waste behind. It does this by using ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away, creating cuisine that is both mouth-watering and inspiring.

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