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Saving Good Food from a Bad Ending
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Broadcast on April 17, 2021
Available until October 17, 2021

[On-Site Report]
This episode highlights efforts to reduce food loss and food waste by implementing clever ideas and new technologies. A startup has developed a way to turn vegetables with cosmetic imperfections that would normally be thrown away into a new type of dry food product. Another business is teaching restaurants and other clients special freezing and unthawing techniques that can preserve the texture and flavor of almost any food.

[In Depth: Central Banks Look to Digital Future]
Policymakers at central banks around the world are starting to consider digital currency as an option. We look at the potential geopolitical impact if governments or other large-scale entities start issuing virtual money.

[Global Trends: Carp Cause a Splash in Indonesia]
Japan's Nishiki-goi, or colored carp, are prized around the world for their striking appearance and immense size. A country in Southeast Asia recently started large-scale breeding of the fish, and has ambitious plans to develop its own carp industry.