Striving for a Petroleum-Free Plastic Alternative


27m 40s
Broadcast on March 13, 2021 Available until September 13, 2021

[On-Site Report]
Developed by a Japanese start-up, LIMEX is a plastic alternative material made primarily of limestone. The material is made with small amounts of petroleum-based resin, but the company has recently succeeded in creating a petroleum-free bag by making use of a plant-based resin. From research and development, to joint recycling projects, this episode revisits one of Japan's premier start-ups and highlights its efforts to become even more environmentally friendly.

[In Depth: China Sees Struggles, Challenges Ahead]
China's quick recovery from the pandemic-ravaged economy has increased momentum in the race to overtake the US as the largest economy in the world. But its bid for high-tech supremacy and self-reliance may not be progressing as officials envisioned.

[Global Trends: India's Digital Push Aids in Pandemic]
India's digital identification system is being used by 90 percent of its huge population. It allows easy access to public and private services, and has been useful in distributing aid during the coronavirus pandemic. We take a look at this cutting-edge effort in India.

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