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Making Every Drop Count
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Broadcast on October 10, 2020
Available until April 10, 2021

[On-Site Report]
"Clean Water and Sanitation" is one of the 17 sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations. This week, we continue to feature Japanese companies that are contributing to improving sustainability by introducing businesses that have made it their mission to find ways to conserve on water usage. One company has created a recycling system that allows up to 98% of household water to be reusable, and the other has developed an automated cultivation system that uses solar heat to grow crops using limited amounts of water.

[In Depth: Japan Losing Its Edge in Science?]
Japan has once been a leader in developing innovative technology, but the country now stands at a crossroads. As this year's Nobel Prize announcements are under way, we take a look at how Japan's global presence in basic research could be at risk.

[World Perspective: Airlines Turns to In-Flight Meals to Survive]
Travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic have been a major blow for the airline industry. Asian carriers that were flying high just last year now face empty seats and a murky financial future. Looking for a lifeline, some carriers have turned to a surprising source for income: in-flight meals. The companies have started offering the dishes at local restaurants and more, hoping to appeal to those who miss air travel and all that comes with it. We take a look at how 2 airlines in Asia are using the strategy to weather the economic turbulence.