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Distancing-Based Businesses Providing Peace of Mind
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Broadcast on September 19, 2020
Available until March 19, 2021

[On-Site Report]
Businesses that help customers to stay socially distanced are catching on as people seek to regain their social lives while still following safety guidelines. One company has implemented AI technology into its software which allows users to see how crowded locations such as retail stores, restaurants and even hotels are in real time. Another company is taking advantage of outdoor spaces to provide people with a chance to get out and mingle safely through out-door events, such as barbecues. This week's episode looks at how businesses are attracting customers by providing them with ways to get out and have some fun while still remaining socially distanced.

[In Depth: Japan's New Prime Minister Vows to Restore Economy]
Japan is entering a new chapter with a new Prime Minister. Suga Yoshihide has risen from humble beginnings to be the leader of the country at a crucial moment. We look at his background and how he plans to revive the pandemic-stricken economy.

[Global Trends: Muay Thai Gym Battles Back from the Ropes]
In Muay Thai, Thailand's national combat sport, trained athletes do battle using fierce kicks and punches. The country is said to have some 20,000 of these athletes, and more than 5,000 gyms there offer the martial art. But amid the coronavirus pandemic, only half of stadiums have restarted matches, and athletes still have limited opportunities to compete in tournaments. With the difficult situation likely to continue, one famous gym is turning to social media to fight its way to a comeback.