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COVID-19 May Spark Shift to E-Governance in Japan
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Broadcast on July 11, 2020
Available until January 11, 2021

[On-Site Report]
With the spread of COVID-19, it became clear that Japan's administrative infrastructure is lagging when it comes to digitalization. Online applications for financial support are taking much longer than expected to process and much of the government is still using fax machines. This episode features Japanese start-ups pushing to digitalize the country as well as an in-depth interview with an expert from one of the world's most digitalized nations - Estonia.

[Global Trends]
Getting a new business off the ground is a challenge even in the best of times. Doing it amid a global pandemic seems almost impossible. But some startups in Thailand are finding ways to adapt to the unprecedented changes in the economy. We speak with the head of a startup that has gone from organizing concerts and marathons to staging events online. And we tap into a network of entrepreneurs who are offering COVID-related services that range from telemedicine to advice on what hotels are best for self-isolating.