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Kitty Condos and Canine Care!
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Broadcast on October 12, 2019
Available until November 12, 2019

[On-Site Report]
As Japan's pet market expands, the number of abandoned cats and dogs is also increasing. Sadly, this means many animals must be euthanized. One startup is working to help save these animals by providing them homes in pet cafes and creating unique "kitty condos" which are rental apartments that come with an in-house cat that all residents can enjoy. Another company is working to help dog owners to keep their older pets happy and healthy as long as possible by providing a wide range of goods and services specifically made for aging canines. This episode shows how taking better care of animals can not only be good for business, but good for society.

[Global Trends]
Food waste is a huge problem worldwide. Restaurants and catering companies are confronted with it every day. Many of them just throw out leftover food. That's obviously a scandal in a world where many people go to bed hungry every night. A startup in New York has come up with a win-win solution that solves the problem of food waste. It has developed an app that connects those with too much food with those who don't have enough. We take a look at the company that developed the app as it plans to launch it across the United States.