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Housework Evolution!
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Broadcast on October 5, 2019
Available until November 5, 2019

[On-Site Report]
Despite half of all Japanese women now working outside of the home, many are still left with the burden of doing most or all the housework. However, recently, things are starting to change. One company is trying to help married men to be able to share more in household duties by offering video cooking courses specifically geared towards them. Another business has created a new website where housewives can earn money by offering their knowledge and skills to help busy dual income families. This episode shows how new business models are helping to end old stereotypes as Japan looks to free working wives from the unfair expectation that housework is only for women.

[Global Trends]
Singapore already has a reputation for having one of the best airports in the world, and now it is building on that with a special addition. "Jewel Changi Airport," which opened in April 2019, boasts a 40-meter high waterfall and green spaces with varieties of plants. It is just one of many projects bringing more green to the densely-populated city-state, including hotels covered with plants and public housing complexes with roof gardens. The government is encouraging "green architecture" as a way of preserving Singapore's natural heritage. We speak with the leader of an architecture firm known for its environment-friendly designs.