Cycling Around Rishiri Island

Wild Hokkaido!

15m 00s
Broadcast on September 4, 2022 Available until March 31, 2024

Cycling brings pedalers the pleasure of feeling the wind and enjoying nature to the full. Hokkaido Prefecture, a treasure trove of nature, entertains them with unique sight-worthy cycling courses. A place of interest this time is Rishiri Island, lying off the northern coast of Hokkaido, with a spectacular mountain towering at the center. In the north of the island, a dedicated cycling road runs about 25 kilometers. Starting from this road, a round-the-island cycling tour will be set forth on. An experienced guide will introduce you to the enjoyment of cycling found nowhere but in Rishiri. Let's start an exploration tour to discover the charm of nature that the island of Rishiri is filled with!

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