The Treasures of Country Life outside Osaka

Train Cruise

44m 00s
Broadcast on January 20, 2018 Available until March 31, 2023

We travel from Osaka Station, the gateway to western Japan, through neighboring Hyogo Prefecture. We explore a rural line that was revitalized by local residents, then travel to the Seto Inland Sea to relish fresh oysters. Next, we ride the futuristic Super Hakuto. At a 400-year-old post town that has changed little over time, we hear tales about master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. Further on, we travel through mountains on the Hamakaze to a bag-producing town where we meet Japan's sole wicker-trunk weaver. At our final destination Kinosaki, we relax in 1,400-year-old hot springs and reflect on the treasures Hyogo has to offer.

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