How to Watch Ozu - Part 2


49m 00s
Broadcast on February 19, 2023 Available until February 19, 2024

This episode of J-FLICKS is dedicated to lovers of classic Japanese cinema as we present our second special on legendary filmmaker, Ozu Yasujiro. We look at "Early Summer" (1951), a film about a young woman pressured by her family to find a husband and starring several recurring names in Ozu's work, including Ryu Chishu and Hara Setsuko. We also introduce the director's very first talkie, "The Only Son" (1936), as well as "The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice" (1952). We discuss what makes Ozu's films so appealing and offer insights on how to better appreciate his unique cinematic world. Later on, we head to Japan's old capital, Kyoto Prefecture, for an overview of the latest edition of the Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, a workshop where budding cineastes from around the world collaborate to make short samurai films.

[Navigator] Sarah Macdonald
[Guests] Markus Nornes (Professor, University of Michigan)

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